I have decided on a variant of Nightwatch's table. Some improvements are notably some trim in the interior of the table: the one on the top to help when someone spills a drink (it will prevent the liquid from going into the inside of the table where the maps are, and the two trim bits on the bottom will be to put pencils etc. in there so they don't roll around and have a nice place to live.

Here are the measurements of the table space for the Jouët Caprice:


And here is the design of the table that I will be making:


You will notice that I did not specify anything for the leg or the peg holes; I will take care of this later.

I will be using plywood for the construction, 1cm for the top and .5 cm for the bottom (no need for useless weight). The finish will a polyurethane marine varnish.

The goal is to get this done before March 13th, so that I can bring it to the boat when I go there to cut off the roof. This gives me precisely 28 days to finish the project.