Following the plans that I made, it was just a matter of cutting the top and bottom planks and then putting the ribs inside for structure. As I was not using marine plywood, but rather, chose the wood for its lightness, I needed to be sure to varnish the inside with polyurethane as well as the outside, in order to keep the moisture out.

After I added the ribs, just a couple of coats did the trick:


Backing up a bit, the reason why I chose the partitions where they were, was to be sure that I could put different map sizes under there, notably the SHOM maps, and larger ones from Sweden. In the photo below, the perspective from the camera made everything look warped, but in reality it is all nice and straight:


I traced Nils' hand print in there for a little treasure:


Speaking of Nils, one of the issues we had in the past on a sailboat where the table also served as a place to store maps was the problem of little hands spilling water. littleclamps.jpg The Little Mule's table has a neat little system of ridges to prevent water spills from getting the maps wet.

There are little ridges in the inside of the table: one on the top and two on the bottom. The ridge on the top prevents liquids from running into the inside of the table from the top, and the bottom two ridges make an area that would contain any liquids that may drip down from the top ridge. The bottom two ridges also make for a pencil holder: a nice place to keep pencils where they do not roll around, just like in the plans I made : pencil-holder.jpg

The next step is varnishing. I have just put the first coat on tonight...