When I purchased the caprice, you will remember that the wiring was tied together with masking tape, and that there was loose ends hanging all over. All of that went into the garbage, and so I am redoing the entire wiring from zero.

As a reminder, this is what it looked like when I looked behind the main panel:


The battery (an acid/lead car battery, not strapped-down) was the only power source, to which the extremely thin gauge wire was just clamped on to it.

Now for the new electronics.

I have chosen a single 12v, 110 Ah GEL Victron battery for the primary power source, charged by a 10A 4-step charger by the same manufacturer for AC recharging while at the dock, and trickle-charged by a Module Solara® Série M solar cell that will be epoxied to the cover of the aft storage compartment. I intend to add a second battery once I add the RADAR, AIS, GPS plotter, and fixed VHF) once her sailing program extends to sailing over to England.

Below is the diagram showing the wiring schematics for the just internal lights:

You can see that I only chose 6 lights (they are LED units, and yes they are linked up in parallel, however each unit its own resistor, so I will not need to worry about charge issues), and that they are not in the same location as the original Jouët Caprice lights. This is because I anticipate the one on the ceiling of the cabin roof providing enough ambient light in the main part of the cabin to see well enough. Also, I am adding one at the far end of the side berths, and one right under the spakers (in the new corner bits), because I find that even during the day, the sides are really dark.

There will be another light (on a light switch) that will be in the forward cabin, but that one will go on the power circuit, so that it can be turned on and off independently of the cabin lights.

The light that you see at the far stern is one that will illuminate the little space where normally the anchor and chain is kept on the Caprice, as I will be converting it to an additional storage space for sails. Also, lighting it will help keep the are a bit more cheerful.