See the original Jouët Caprice rigging instructions at

In the end, the ida to make a mold for the sliding door out of IKEA dresser was not such a great one. I spent a lot of time carving and patching it to make it work. In the end, it is true that it allowed me to finish this last part rather quickly, however, I don't think I'll go that route again. Here is the back side of it:


The other thing that I did today was to add the hardware for the new traveller, once again steeling freely from Nightwatch:


I changed a couple of things though. First of all, I angled it upwards to a natural position for pulling. With one hand on the tiller the other can grab and pull the line at a perfect angle with regards to my shoulder and the pulley. The blocker is also right at arms length, so I can grab a maximum amount of line and it is easier to unblock.