This morning, Mathias from the club came to the rescue, and together we managed to put the bumper trim back on:

jouët caprice liston

It was a horrific process, and at times I thought it was about to all fall apart. In the end, however, we managed to get it on, nice and solid.

I took a minute to finally add the locks for the table, and so it is now fixed in place:

jouet caprice table

Looking into the main cabin from the aft cabin, you can see the general state of the inside. The stairs need to be done, and the trim needs to be put on, as to the doors for the cabinets, the mattresses, as well as a bunch of other finishing work and wiring, but she is good enough to sail now at least, and those projects will be for this winter:

jouet caprice cabin

Tomorrow I will be going there to work on the sliding bits for the door, as well as install the last bits of the locking mechanism. Also on my to-do list is to reinforce the transom a bit.