See the original Jouët Caprice rigging instructions at

I made some changes, notably replacing the flexible stainless steel (#106 below) with 100% 5mm Dyneema line. In the photo above you can see for example where the halyard's 10mm line (105 below) meets the Dyneema half, which connects to the sail.

Below is the rigging for the Jouët Caprice to give you an idea:

I also modified the backstay's goose feet (#96). Rather than just a flexible stainless steel line with a shackle on one end, I replaced it with the Dyneema and added triple becket block and tackle:


I also replaced the stainless steel line for the main sheet lead (#118) with Dyneema. I didn't like having this steel wire cutting across the cockpit, so now there's something a bit softer:


I am only rigging Lil' Mule II with the absolute basics for now: