I started by showing up early in the morning and getting the block and tackles set up. That was a feat in itself, as they were really quite heavy.
We then put some straps under her and started to hoist her up. Noticing that she was end-heavy, we added some concrete blocks to her nose, which evened things out a bit:

jouët caprice

We then fitted her on to a trailer (merci Gilbert!):


Next, we positioned her under the crane:


And...in the water!


At this point I ran around frantically inside, checking for any possible leaks. Yup. all the holes were plugged ;)

All that remained was cutting the halyards and refitting them to the new roof. We then lifted the mast with the crane, which held it there while we did all the fastenings.

To finish, we found a spot next to Eric's Jouët 18 (the photo at the very top). I may change this spot, as it is hard to maneuver into place, given the tight angle that you need to do, which is difficult for her turning radius.

Here is a video of the launch: